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Driving into the Future
Clean Air and Zero Emissions

Clean trips and deliveries
With Go Zero Emissions

Charging into the future
With more public charging stations
Charging toward Renewable energy
With renewable energy charging goals.

A zero emissions future.
Let's set the standard.

Zero Emission Vehicles

Zero emissions vehicles emit no pollution or carbon monoxide. Pollutions and carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) are emitted from conventional vehicles. The emitted carbon monoxide travels into the atmosphere and is converted into carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the longest lasting greenhouse gases and is contributing to climate change. The carbon from a single ride to work today will last centuries.

Every trip commitment

Every trip with Go Zero Emissions is one step closer to new public charging stations with at cost electricity provided. Plus more zero emission vehicles for our fleet and for member rentals additionally a new tree is started to begin the work of sequestering carbon dioxide that is already causing changes to the climate.

Driving the community into the future

Co-op drivers and employees committed to sustainable growth of their communities. We are your community members and through our co-op model we are focused on the success of our members.


Use our easy to use app similar to popular ride hailing services to request your ride. Use our shuttle service to connect with local transit, our Runner service for deliveries & our Go service for door to door rides. Our shuttle service integrates with local transit to give times and routes for your trip with stop locations in your neighborhood.

Deliveries made easy

Deliveries made easy with your local merchants and restaurants. Easy ordering and delivery with our app. Keep your dollars local and see your community thrive.

Charging for the future

More fast charging stations means more access and range for E.V. (electric vehicle) owners. Currently in the U.S there are no cities with enough charging stations for a large increase in electric vehicle owners. Go Zero Emissions will expand charging stations to increase E.V. ownership. Proceeds from your trips and deliveries will go toward installing more public charging stations with at cost rates for charging.


Competitive pricing with service and experience that makes the difference. Competitors can take over 50% of the fare for themselves. Our co-op members receive most of your fare and the remainder is allocated to our zero emissions goals.

Earn Miles

Every mile makes the difference both for you and us. Earn miles for every trip and delivery you request. Earn and use your mileage for coupons on future services or use your miles to rent an electric vehicle for a weekend get away.


Rent an electric vehicle for a full day's errands or for a great getaway. Use your miles earned and as a member you will receive our lowest rates.

Support the project

Making the case

Cost of food

42.6 million Americans were receiving SNAP (food assistance) benefits in 2017. As natural disasters continue to become worse crop harvest will be under threat and the cost of food will continue to rise.

Clean air & water

Pollution and carbon dioxide created by burning fossil fuels reduces air and water quality. The carbon that is created from burning fuels is causing larger fires, droughts and flooding which are further reducing the quality of our air and water.


The fastest rate of extinction is happening now & as the world population continues to double natural resources and habitats will be strained like never before.

Tax burden

A large unavoidable tax burden for us all to bare is just around the corner. As the cost of food continues to rise and crop losses increase do to climate change; in addition to the cost for rebuilding after nature disasters the current mounting debt for countries is not sustainable.

Cost of housing

With larger and larger fires, floods and wind storms insurance and building cost will continue to rise making it more difficult to afford living expenses. This year 10's of thousands of people loss their homes because of nature disasters.

Supporting technology of the future

Go Zero Emissions is a bridge to more innovation. Your trips and deliveries support local community members, public charging stations, zero emission vehicles and renewable energy.


What is Go Zero Emissions

Go Zero Emissions is division of Plant Tomorrow a nonprofit organization. Go Zero Emissions is a co-op ride share and delivery service owned and operated by it's drivers, employees and riders. Where members make the service a sustainable benefit to their communities and reduce pollution and carbon emissions with zero emission vehicles.

What is a zero emission car

A zero emission vehicle emits no pollution or carbon monoxide when driven. There are currently a few different types of zero emission vehicles among them - all electric and fuel cells. Zero emission vehicles do not burn fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel used in conventional vehicles.

How do I use the service

Register today and once our app is live we'll send you an email along with a coupon for your first trip. With in the app you will be able to order a ride or purchase from your local store or restaurant for delivery.

How much does it cost

It's free to become a user on Go Zero Emissions. When you order services the app will give you pricing information based on the time and distance of your trip or delivery.

How do I rent an E.V. car

As a member of Go Zero Emissions you can reserve a rental with-in our app. Use your earned miles on the platform or pay a reduced rate as a member.

How do I drive

Become a cooperative owner/driver, make more and be protected with workman's compensation insurance. As a co-op owner your vote matters, have a say in your future.


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